Welcome to Park Falls Hardwoods


The first Midwest Hardwood Corporation sawmill, Park Falls Hardwoods was acquired in 1988 and has been modernized into one of the leading hardwood sawmills in the USA.


Since 1990, Park Falls Hardwoods has been harvesting timber from central and northern Wisconsin (north of Hwy 10), the upper peninsula of Michigan, and Eastern Minnesota. We are a grade lumber mill, processing approximately eleven million board feet of hardwood sawlogs each year. We purchase Hard Maple, Red Oak, Soft Maple, Black Ash, White Ash, Basswood, Yellow Birch, White Birch, Black Cherry, White Oak, Black Oak, Hickory, and Black Walnut sawlogs and veneer logs.


Our foresters and log buyers participate in the Sustainable Forest Initiative, which was developed to ensure proper forest management and conservation. We are also involved with the Cooperating Forester Program in Wisconsin and Michigan. This program was established by the Department of Natural Resources, and guarantees that proper forest management techniques are used.


Park Falls Hardwoods specializes in:

4/4 - 10/4 Plain Sawn

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